About Me

I was born in 1975 in the north of Germany, close to Hamburg. Currently, I am based on the island of Gran Canaria. I love this island for the charm of its people, the climate and obviously… the perfect conditions it delivers for surfing and windsurfing. Fashion, Surfing and Windsurfing have always been some of my greatest passions.

At age 14, I got my first sewing machine and started to create my own dresses. From this time onwards, my passion for fashion was awakened.

I graduated from a high school focussing on fashion and design. After that I completed a formation as a dressmaker in high standard tailoring in Hamburg.

The idea and initiative to create my blog Look2 Ocean was born and driven by my love and passion which I carry along since my childhood. The course of my life up to this very moment was shaped by my love for the ocean and fashion and I feel that it could not be any better. Living close to the sea on this sunny island. Surfing. Traveling. Spending time in the world of fashion.  

I just want to share and communicate some blessed and precious moments. It is not my intention to set up a perfect polished fashion-blog. My goal is to show the love and passion that I find in these things and moments.

Let me end this with a quote that reflects and guides my life since I was young:

The key to the hearts of the people will never be our wisdom, but always our love.
— Hermann von Bezzel

I hope I can open your hearts…!!!