How To Create A Summer To Fall Transition Outfit?

I’m so sorry of my longer absence, but right now I’m working for a German TV-Show as a fashion stylist. I love this job but it is also quite hard, so it was impossible to write a new post in the last days. But luckily today I have a “day off”. That’s why I have spared no effort today, to publish a nice one.


Today I would like to share one of my favorite summer to fall transition outfit with you to show how to create a summer to fall transition outfit. It is very easy! Just take some summer basics and swap in any piece from your fall closet to make it work. You can create endless combinations for each transition outfit!


My version of summer to fall transition outfit looks a bit different. I can’t just go straight to cozy sweaters and long pants once October arrives. Because it is still quite hot on Gran Canaria. So I have to reinvent my summer clothes and pair them with some fall pieces.


Let’s start by breathing new life into our summer closet staple. Take a mini denim skirt, because denim skirts or shorts can be easily paired up with long sleeved tops.

I paired my denim skirt with and 3/4 sleeved embroidered linen blouse. I finished it off with a straw belt and suede ankle boots. 


You also can half tuck your favorite lightweight sweater into some denim shorts to create a similar look.


And now it is your turn! What are some of your favorite summer to fall transition outfits?

I wish you all a nice Sunday evening. Enjoy it!!!!



Get The Summer To Fall Transition Outfit: Blouse, Denim Skirt, Boots, Belt

Pics and Styling by Look2ocean