Summer Look Of The Week – With A Light Summer Blouse

To make you feel inspired by my look of the weeks, I would like to show you this summer look.

It’s a summer look, which is super comfy and very easy to style.

I hope you had a great weekend and now you have time to sit back and read a little about my summer look of the week.

Here we go!!!




I love the light blouse, which is a garment characterized by its diagonally crossed v-neckline and laterally knotted at the hem. The blouse covers perfectly my little tummy and the elongated narrow v-necklineis flattering as it appears to lengthen the neck and make you look slimmer.




It’s no secret that I also love denim shorts. Living on Gran Canaria, a blue denim shorts is an essential piece for my summer look. With a top and denim shorts combo you are always quickly and well dressed. Depends of the shoes you will choose you can style your look classic, sporty or elegant.




I’m a big fan of this light romantic lace-bralettes. They are definitely a game-changer. Way more stylish and way more comfortable. I have 4-5 top-bras in different colors and styles in my wardrobe. I can combine them with any top, shirt or blouse. Obviously one of the perks of wearing a bralette is to show it off a little. I really like, if the bra is visible and the lace edgings are peeping out. 




I chose a thin golden necklace, which I have given from one of my best friends. The necklace is so light and thin that you didn’t feel it during wearing. That’s why I wearing it really often, because it doesn’t bother me. Sometime especially if the temperature goes higher I don’t like to wear jewelry. But with this one doesn’t mind.




I purchased for our Marrakech trip these espadrille sandals because I didn’t want to deal with heels. This summery shoe trend is the perfect solution for a casual, comfortable, and stylish look. I’m so happy with the choice, I already wore them to a lot of different styles and occasions.




Straw bags is the “It-Piece” this summer. There’s a straw bag for any fashion taste and style, from rounded to the tote to the classic oversized design. The are so versatile and it’s a perfect way to signal relaxed-chic. This one is also quite roomy and practical, meaning that you can fill them with any of your personal belongings.




I hope you like this summer look and it would be great if you would look forward to see it worn. Because next time I will show you how it looks at me.

Do you have a favorite summer look so far this season?  Share your favorite ones with me, I always love to hear from you!

Have a nice summer-evening and enjoy your remaining Sunday!





Get My Summer Look Of The Week: Blouse, Denim Shorts, Lace-Bralette, Straw Bag, Necklace, Sandals

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