How To Style A Comfy But Cute Outfit? – Plus A Beautiful Place To Visit

Let’s be honest! Would you rather wear a comfy but cute outfit than go out in something uncomfortable? 

The good thing is that loose and comfy clothes are actually really trendy. Now you can go from a hang out day with your friends to collapsing onto the couch without feeling the need to change into something more comfortable. You can even wear sweatpants to visit a bar (don’t call them joggers). We’re living in a golden age of comfy dressing, a lazy girl fashion paradise. 




The perfect outfit for a day trip is actually super easy. You need five things:

  • A t-shirt or top— one that’s soft, well-made, and loose fitting
  • A jacket or cardigan— something neutral if it’s a little bit chilly
  • Wide legs pants with stretch — look for elastane-blend stretch or tailored joggers
  • Comfortable, stylish shoes — smart sneakers, flats, or a low heel
  • One Signature Accessory — a little something extra to make it feel more “you” like a trendy bag or hat.

I chose a wonderful light linen top in an beautiful Hawaiian print. The straps of the top are tied as loops and I paired this top with a super comfy cullote in stretch jersey fabrics. As signature accessory I combined a roundish sisal clutch and the brown fedora hat. As cool and sporty touch I added my lilac colored ankle high Vans. If you like it a little bit more chic, just change the sneakers to some elegant flats or low heeled shoes. You see it’s a super comfy but cute outfit. You can even wear it for a staying home night at the couch. 




By the way do you recognized this beautiful and interesting place. You probably think: ” Yeah I know this place, it’s the Antelope Canyon in Arizona.”

I’m so sorry, but you are wrong. You won’t believe it but it’s in Gran Canaria, just a 10 minutes drive from Agüimes, a little town in the southeast of the Island, into the mountains. It called “Barranco De Las Vacas”. Incredible to find a place like this, here in Gran Canaria. But rain, wind and the passage of time have molded these striking curvilinear forms, in which man had nothing to do with. If you gonna visit Gran Canaria you have to check out this unreal but beautiful place. It’s really easy to find.


Now I don’t want to say much more, I rather let the pictures speak for themselves.




I Hope it inspires you to dress a comfy but cute outfit and to visit Gran Canaria and the amazing “Baranco De Las Vacas”.

Have a wonderful weekend my dears!




Get the comfy but cute outfit: TopCulotte, Sneakers, Clutch, Hat

Styling by Look2:ocean

Pics by Daniell Bohnhof Photography