How To Give Your Hair Some Love _ "One United" Is The Answer

Do you want to know how to give your hair some love even in the winter time as well as in the summertime?

The “One United” hair treatment of Redken is at the moment one of my favorite leave-in products. This beauty is the absolute all-rounder for your hair.

I used it first in the Salon of FRDK and after that I had to grab it. It smells amazing and really helps with detangling.

So check out how was it for me to use the “One United” Spray after my return from South Africa, where we enjoyed a great summer time.

Keep on reading if you like to know more.


How To Give Your Hair Some Love _ "One United" Is The Answer


Here is my experience:

They say the “One United” treatment has 25 benefits that increase manageability, protection and beauty.

Hm…does it promise what they say?

Due to my hobby, which is windsurfing and surfing, I spend a lot of time on the water and my hair is often exposed to extreme wind, sun and salt water. That’s why I always have such a dry hair that it becomes tangled and knotted immediately when it gets wet.  

So, I took this spray on a windy day, which is typical here on Gran Canaria, to the beach to find out how it works. And I was very pleased surprised with the positive effect and easy handling. My hair felt extremely good after this beach day. Which is usually not the case.


How To Give Your Hair Some Love _ "One United" Is The Answer


Without doubt, this spray conditioned and nourished. Due to this my hair got reduced dryness, it was easy to untangle, and helps strengthen my hair, even my fine and porous hair appears more voluminous and with more body.

The benefit is that helps to protect the hair especially from external aggressors, like for example sun (UV rays), sand and salt water. Because of that, it helps prevent split ends and seal in hair cuticle.

The beauty aspect plays, of course, also a major role. As you can see on the pics it gives my hair a silky touch, adds hair smoothness and shine. But the most impressive thing was that controls hair fly-aways. After the beach you can use it as an hair style refresher as well. 

BTW, sometimes people will wonder if you should apply conditioner in the shower and use as a leave-in, and I’d say that you certainly should try it. If you find that the leave-in is too heavy for you, you can try skipping conditioner and only use the “One United” spray as leave-in. Because it doesn’t feel heavy at all.




My opinion: This “One United” spray gives the hair the beauty it needs to stand out even at the beach. 

 Ok, ok… I think I have said enough great things about it.

Now is your turn. Your hair tells your story.

So, you’re gonna try it?

If so, let me know and leave a comment about your experiences with this spray.

Have a good time.






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Pics by Daniell Bohnhof Photography

Styling by Look2:ocean