How To Wash&Wear Your Hair - No Hairdryer Necessary!

Wash-and-wear hair without a blowout can absolutely look chic. Even when you have en early meeting and you don’t have time for a perfect hairstyle. Here are some easy, breezy tips for every hair type.

I literally wash-and-wear my hair 90% of the time. I really like it to look natural with a bit of texture at the ends and volume at the back of the head (because I have straight hair and my back of the head is quite flat).

There are some things I do to make sure it dries super smooth with lift at the roots, and products I use to make it look more like second day hair (because i don't like fluffy hair ), so I made this little tutorial at home to show you my wash-and-wear hair routine.

It’s very easy and I don’t use a hair dryer or curling wand but there is a little twist I always do. So check out the full tutorial below!


Here Is How To Wash&Wear My Hair



Here is how I wash-and-wear my hair:


Step 1:

I condition my hair as a pre-wash, even I use a post conditioner. Doesn’t matter. I apply a little amount evenly throughout my wet hair. Leave in for 1 minute and rinse. A while ago, I recognized when I’m using conditioner after shampoo it weigh my hair down and leave it flat. So I tried reverse and for me it’s much better. My hair is smooth and polished but without weighing hair down.



When the pre-conditon is done I follow with the shampoo and wash my hair twice.



Step 3:

After washing my hair I jump out the shower, I take the leave-in-product, apply it on my hair and go with the fingers through it to get all the knots out.


Step 4:

Then I brush my hair to spread the the leave-in-mousse evenly through my hair.



Step 5:

When my hair it's semi dry (generally in 10 minutes) I take the salt spray and apply it on my hair. A few spritzes of salt spray plays up the texture and waviness in my hair.



Step 6:

After the salt spray I try to take my complete hair, tie it to a messy bun and I wait until my hair is dry. Meanwhile I put a little make up on and chose what to wear.



Step 7:

When the hair it's pretty dry I pull out the messy bun and go with the fingers sightly through my hair to detangle it a bit.


Step 8:

Finally I take again a little bit from the leave-in-mousse to scrunch it in, but only focusing on the ends.

That's seriously it! My super easy wash-and-wear hair routine with some tips for long and fine hair.



Hope you like it!

Leave a comment if you would like to share your wash-and-wear experience and in case if you like to try this out I’ve put the products I used down below.

By the way, bring on those early meetings. But, don’t forget, first coffee!!!! ;-)


Bye bye!


PS: Big thanks to FRDK Hair Salon for the support and for the gorgouse products.

REDKEN All Soft Mega Conditioner

REDKEN All Soft Mega Shampoo

REDKEN All Soft Mega Hydramelt

REDKEN Beach Envy Wave Aid



What I wore: House Robe

Photos and Styling by Look2ocean