Super Easy Outfit With Red Heeled Sandals For Lazy Days

Since I'm still working at the production of the Swedish series "Playa del Sol", I'm still very busy and honestly it's quite hard for me to write something special, sensible or even meaningful on my blog.

I know that this shooting affects the quality and the choice of the topics I write about and I feel rally sorry about that. But at the end of June I finally will have more time again. The production will be over and since we fly directly to New York and Germany after the shooting, I'm sure I have some interesting things to share with you. Especially from New York. We're really looking forward to traveling again. As you know that we simply love to travel.


But today I would like to show you a super easy outfit. Since my life right now only consists of work, I would like to spend as little effort as possible in my styling. That's why at the weekend I only wear comfortable homeware and I'm mostly without makeup. But when we go out for dinner I always would like to style as little effort as possible in my spare time. This means that my styling has to be done quickly. Last weekend, for example, I combined my old jeans in boyfriend cut with a cool tee and I chose some red high-heeled sandals, which give my actually ordinary outfit a certain touch, so that I looked a little dress up to go out for dinner.

For makeup I put just a little foundation, mascara and I was ready to go.


What I'm trying to say, is that you don't have to be super stylish your entire life. If you like to go out it does’t mean you have to spend hours getting ready.

Sometimes Less Is More!

But I know, when you might think that your outfit is rather boring then good looking, you could just combine one "key item" with basic clothes you already own. Due to the “key item” the boring outfit can look quite interesting or even cool. As you can see on the pics, the red heeled sandals have rocked that look and make it to something special.


So don't stress out to be always so perfect. Doesn't matter what other people think, important is that you feel good and comfortable.

Because BEAUTY is how YOU feel inside!



Get the Look: Tee, Jeans, Heeled Sandals

Styling and pics by me Look2 Ocean