Why I'm A Beach Lover?

Because good vibes happen on the tides. And yes, I mean it’s so true!

I would say that the ocean breeze puts the mind at ease. Let me explain you way?

Living on the canary island with palm fringed trees is not everyone’s dream. However, I live more than ten years on Gran Canaria and I still love the beach because of how it makes me feel, rather than the aesthetic factor although it adds also a little bit to that wonderful feeling ;-).

I can imagine why so many people like the beach, but I am sure everyone has their own reasons.

Here are my reasons:


First thing is, walking on the sand and watching the waves has an extremely calming effect on me and surely one of the top reasons I love the beach. In that very moment I just look over the waves, normally I seldom forget everything, but here I just savor the moment. 

The sunsets are always amazing at the beach. Just watching the sun goes down over the sea is simply breathtaking. For me it is also a great time for self refection and introspection.

Coming from work, I crave for this peace and tranquility without any pressure to win the rat race. It’s just the entire aura which makes me let go and relax.


Being close to the sea means you can enjoy an array of water sports and activities like, surfing, windsurfing, swimming, snorkeling, deep sea diving and so much more. These activities are not just to keep you fit but also form a major part of your lifestyle and vacation (these pics were taken by my husband on our the last South Africa trip).

I love to swim in the sea and playing with the waves or sitting on my board in the lie up, watching the waves coming, waiting for the perfect one, the feeling when the wave comes and washed over me.

For me absolutely the best way to forget everything around me and to gain distance from many things, so that I’ll be able to look at them from a different point of view and helps me to make the better decisions.


So, now you know the reasons why I love the beach but are you also a beach lover like me? Do you like the beach as much as yours truly? Say yes and leave your reasons in the comments below.

In this sense… “Hello June”!!!

Summer is around the corner. Watch more sunsets than Netflix.

Beach days 4 ever!!!


Analog pics by Daniell Bohnhof Photography

Styling by me Look2 Ocean