Summer Wear To Beat The Heat!

Hello everybody, Today I’m going to show you my favorite piece of summer wear I really love to dress in that summer season to beat the heat. It's a light cotton playsuit in a natural beige tone, which is fresh, airy and very comfy to wear, because you don’t have the feeling that the fabric sticks on your skin, which could happen in that heat.

Summer Wear To Beat TheHeat!

Today is the first day since a long time that we have no wind, because the wind finally stops, which means that the heat is even stronger, but that doesn't bother me at all. As we have had to fight against that dust or sand problem, which I’ve already mentioned, we went through the last 2 months. That’s why I really welcome the heat and I fully enjoy being outside without blowing tones of dust into my face.

Summer Wear To Beat TheHeat!
Summer Wear To Beat TheHeat!

The playsuit was a new purchase I made before the summer season started. I would like to be honest with you, when I shooted some new outfit pics in the past I always went to the shopping center and bought various pieces of the newest collections to present you always something “fashionable” and trendy in my outfits. Some of them I kept but I also returned a lot of that garments after the shooting.

But since I have decided to live a more sustainable life, I don’t want to continue like this any longer. Because due to the fact that the fast fashion brands have a high impact of the environmental pollution, I don’t want to support and promote these particular labels anymore or even spend my money on it. But if we already own fast fashion pieces, we at least shouldn’t hang them into the wardrobe after wearing only 1 or 2 times and leave them to be forgotten. In my opinion we should wear them as much as possible and combine them with other clothes to completely new outfits. Too many items are discarded thoughtlessly, so we can also repair or up-cycle them. No need to buy everything new.

That’s why I would like to inform you that from now on I’m going to try to use all of my garments I already have in my wardrobe and if I like to add a new piece, I try to get it second hand or made by my own. Only when I really need something new, I will buy it from sustainable fashion labels.

Summer Wear To Beat TheHeat!

I really wanna do this but I also know that it can be quite hard for me. Because I’m always a girl interested in fashion. But fortunately, more and more new sustainable fashion labels popping up in the fashion world.

That’s why I only publish this summer outfit and another one in one of my upcoming posts to finish with the already existing outfit pics and to start with a brand new concept, which I really looking forward to realize. It’s a nice challenge and I’m so happy that I've decided to change my life to a more sustainable way.

For me it’s important to communicate it to you, because once you have said or mentioned things, you give them space in which they can unfold and become real. And that's what I really like to try to pursue. Let’s see want will happen!

So here a detailed view of today's outfit. Why I have chosen this playsuit, I have already mentioned further up. I combined the romper with my sisal sandals and the rounded suede crossbody bag, which both fit perfectly to that natural style. As jewelry I added a golden fingering, which fits to my bag. In addition a necklace and an anklet detailed with sea shells.

Summer Wear To Beat TheHeat!
Summer Wear To Beat TheHeat!

That’s it, like always, nothing special but good enough to head the road in a neatly but comfortable way.

Wish you all a nice day and stay tuned for some new things on my blog.

I’ll keep you posted!