Headscarves & How to Style Them

Headscarves are so in fashion right now and they are the perfect fall accessories. So there are many different ways to style headscarves.

Today I’m gonna show one style that you can do in under five minutes since ever.

If you have a bad hair day?! No problem, just throw on a pretty headscarf and you are good to go. The head scarf will give you a flattering frame to your face and also give the appearance of longer hair and more volume. I prepared 3 different ways to tie a head scarf. They are some great examples of the many and varied styles you can achieve with headscarves.

Even if you are not a hair styling talent, like me… :-)

Headscarves & How to Style Them

Keep reading for the full tutorial and my favorite bandana from Aurum Scarves.

The Ponytail Hair Scarf:

1. Due to the shape of my head I started to backcombed my hair at the back of my head.

2. Then I made my pony tail with extra volume at the back head.

2. Wrap a bandana or scarf around the pony and tie it in a simple double knot on top.

3. The two long pieces of the bandana are left remaining and fall down sidewards.

4. Pinch and pull the hair above the pony to create a little action, volume and messiness.

I hope you like my first super simple and easy way to style a headscarf. Soon you will see other ways to style the fashionable headscarves.

Keen to try more fun hair trends this autumn?

Which hairstyle would you like to try with a silk scarf? Please share with us in the comments below.

Headscarves & How to Style Them

Now I wish you a nice Sunday evening. Finally it’s raining on Gran Canaria, so we gonna enjoy a relaxing couch-day.


Get the silk scarf: Aurum Scarves

Pics and Styling by Look2ocean