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Urban Winter Outfit - And How To Make A DIY Cropped Top From An Old Hoodie

Crop tops have been one of my favorite winter pieces for a while now. They’re fun to wear and they’re so versatile. Check out this urban winter outfit with my DIY cropped hoodie.

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How To Make The Real Moroccan Mint Tea - Recipe and Tutorial

There are a few ways to make the moroccan mint tea but I've put together 10 simple steps to show you how to brew the real and traditional moroccan mint tea. After that you can sit back, relax and enjoy an authentic moroccan mint tea in the comfort of your own home.

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How to turn a simple stretch t-shirt into a wrapped crop top?

This DIY project I saw on "A Pair & A Spare" and I really like to show you because it's so simple and it took just 5 minutes to create. The only things you need to make it, is a t-shirt and a scissor. 

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