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Since 2015 I have been working solidly as a freelance fashion stylist and costume designer with a focus on film, television and comercial productions. I also work a lot for fashion and editorial shoots. I actually have been working in the film and television industry since 2007. But I always worked alongside my normal job. Since I just had settled on Gran Canaria, I couldn't managed it without a fixed income and so I did the production jobs part-time. Until I gained more and more experience after each production, I got more production jobs. Luckily, due to the amount of the jobs I was able to stop my normal work completely. So I started as a freelancer in the film industry. I have never regretted this step and I’m very happy that now I do the job I always wanted.

On my blog I would like to take the opportunity to present some of my works as a fashion stylist and costume designer. That's why I added a new category called "Work". Here from time to time I’m going to publish some of my works. I’d like to share some “Behind the Scene” pics and of course some interesting stories about the jobs.


Like the production I had at the end of last year. It was a comercial shooting for the company They produced various small spots in the Raddison Blu Hotel in the south of Gran Canaria. Everything was supposed to look very summery and to convey the holiday feeling. I think you can imagine how the commercial will look like. If you like to check out the comercial spot keep on and watch it here right now.

I don't know if you already be aware of this kimono, but I shared the kimono long before in my post “How To Style A High Waisted Denim Skirt - In A Bohemian Kinda Way”. It’s a unique piece because I designed and sewed it by myself. That’s why I wore it so often in the summer time.

Since the client wants to have an authentic outfit, they were extremely happy about the item. Because it wasn’t new purchased and looks used. Therefore, this slightly transparent kimono made of light fabrics was perfect and the most important thing was that it suited the actress very well.


Another spot it’s all about the arrival and the beginning of a beautiful holiday on Gran Canaria. The parents had to be dressed casual but with a little chic and the kids childlike with some cute and funny accessories they carry with them. Of course, also to show that they just came from Norway.


The third spot is completely different. It's about a girl who travels with her friend to Mallorca to experience a vacation full of parties. Happy not to be in Norway. That's why I had to dress them like a Magaluf party style. Besides we had 30 extras they should dance in the background. Of course, they also had to be dressed. But they should bring their own clothes and I had to keep an eye of the outfits in order to tell them what to wear regarding a Magaluf pool party. Check out the following commercial clip!


Poor guys, the main actress and most of the extras had to be in the pool for a long time during the shooting. The thing was, that the pool wasn't heated, so all of them specially the girls were so freezing that me and my assistant had to be all the time by their side with a lot of towels and thick bathrobes. Just to try to keep them warm. But it wasn’t possible, because they always had to jump again into the cold water. The only thing that helps was that everyone jumped after the wrap into the hot pool. Actually it was a very funny group of extras all from Gran Canaria.


I hope today I was able to take you a little bit into my working everyday life. All in all was it a very pleasant and satisfying production. The team was great, the clients were nice and most important, they seemed to be satisfied. And I think you can recognize it in the results.

If you like my new category and you want to know more about my job, I would be very happy if you leave me a comment whether I should continue with it or not.

I wish you all a great Sunday evening,


Styling by Look2 Ocean

Pics by Daniell Bohnhof Photography