What we stumbled across when we woke up the next morning after we arrived in Cape Town

Today I would like to show you what we stumbled across after our first night in Scarborough/Cape Town.

Like every year we arrived in Cape Town in the middle of the night. The only thing is, this time we stayed in a different place. It was the small and beautiful town Scarborough situated on the Cape Peninsula to the south of Cape Town.

Due to the darkness, when we arrived, we couldn't either check out the accommodation completely nor the surroundings. After the long flight of 11 hours we were so tiered but very happy to be back in Cape Town. So we went to bed very drowsy (after the beer) but with great anticipation for our first day.

Therefore the next morning we were so overwhelmed when we came out of our bedroom and saw this view. Just awesome...!! Or should I say unbelievable…!?


We already inaugurated a little bit our veranda last night. Because without taking a cool Savana Dry we couldn't go to bed. But to take a cup of coffee on this veranda after getting up is also not bad. We had such a fabulous view from the veranda that we decided to stay and take our breakfast at home to enjoy as much as possible this wonderful surrounding.


The beautiful house is very bright and comfortably furnished. There are several fireplaces, a big kitchen with a fully wine refrigeration a large dining room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and the owner was always very helpful and friendly. It was just perfect! So we enjoyed a lot so many nice evenings and nights with good food, excellent wines and good talks.


The house is surrounded by a lot of green space and has a wonderful idyllic garden where you can do barbecue behind the house. It is situated on a hillside of a 300m hill call “Red Hill”. You can climb this mountain and the hiking trail starts directly behind our house. Of course some days later, it was on Christmas Eve, we went to climb the “Red Hill” at sunset. Don’t worry I’m going to write about this hike in one of my next posts.


After we had a delicious breakfast, which was quite extensive, we unpacked our suitcases, set up everything and then we hit the road to Sunnydale to buy some food in the supermarket. Even on the way to Sunnydale and back we saw such a wonderful environment that I had to take some pics out of our car. Because I was so impressed of the little colorful Township next to Sunnydale and the wonderful landscape all around. I new from my trips before that Cape Town is beautiful but this little spot on the Cape Peninsula is simply breathtakingly beautiful.


Back in Scarborough we check out the beach, went for a little surf and came back home, where we would surprised by this awesome sundowner. We grabbed us another cool Savana Dry and enjoyed the moment speechless. It was so interesting to watch how every minute the color of the sky changed during the sunset. Just watch the pics...It was amazing! we even didn’t imagine that we could enjoy a sunset like this almost every day. But believe me o not, we had it every day…


So this was our first day. I hope you would like to see more pics, because we have experienced so many beautiful things that we captured a lot of pics and they are worth to show. So that’s why I would like to show you some more.

Stay curious and do your best even if you fail once in a while. Don’t worry, there's nothing wrong with it. Everyone fails at a certain point. And that's ok, so we can learn from it.



Pics by me Look2 Ocean