How To Get The French Chic? Here Is How The French-Chic-Style Works

French Chic has been one of the most important disciplines in the fashion world for almost 100 years now. It was defined by Coco Chanel, perfected by film stars like Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn, Romy Schneider and Sophie Marceau further developed by the current French It girls. And for sure, there is not a single woman who cannot escape the charm of fashion à la Française!! That's why I'd like to share my personal French-Chic-Style-Guide.

How To Get The French Chic? Here Is How The French-Chic-Style Works

Whether it's a French cult movie from the 1960s or a street style snapshot from a Parisian district, French women manage to fascinate us time and time again. How can you look like you've got more important things to do than think about your outfit and still have an elegance and style that's second to none? Yes, this almost magical ability of French women leads us women in other parts of the world to copy that look.

I also tried to copy that french chic and create a different outfit of what I usually wear. Although it was something different, I really liked it. That’s why I took some pics of this look. Based on the photos I would like to bring you closer to the style of the french chic and my personal style guide.

Even if the outfits of the French It girls seem inexplicably unagitated and stylish at the same time, you can still analyse them in more details and thus obtain the basic elements of the French fashion magic at some point. And that's exactly what is all about in todays’s post!


The French Chic Styling Guide For Every Day:

1.) Discreet play of colors: French chic does not live from color clashing or loud statements. If you are in doubt, use neutral tones and one or two red or light blue accents.

2.) Beautifully comfortable: the love of cosiness is something we can learn from the French. Anything that pinches, slips or is simply too tight or even too big, they don’t gonna wear it. Because only if you feel good, you look really great.

3.) Long live the fav pieces: A French woman doesn't find anything reprehensible about buying her favorite jeans in multiple designs and wearing them day after day. With this trick you can save yourself a lot of headaches and still be perfectly styled!

4.) Just the way you are: Is there something about you that you would like to change? For example, would you rather have longer legs, fuller lips or shinier hair? French women are masters at accepting their own flaws and that's what makes them so beautiful! So the secret is: A woman should make the most of what nature has given her and not try to be someone other than yourself!

5.) The French Chic Capsule Wardrobe: If you can't get enough of the French flair, you can also set up your own Parisian Chic department in your wardrobe. This consists of the perfect parts for the individual body and skin type. So the daily choice of outfit becomes child's play!

How To Get The French Chic? Here Is How The French-Chic-Style Works

Which Colors, Cuts And Fabrics Should You Choose?

The French Chic makes it easy for us to flatter our complexion in terms of colour palette. Dark blue, black, white and grey are available to almost everyone! A bit more complicated is it with light blue, beige and red. Here you shouldn't shop for the exact favourite parts of the French It girls, but rather make sure that the undertone of the garment matches your own skin type.

Even more important than the colour in French Chic is the cut! If you take a closer look at the Parisian fashion looks, you will notice that the outfit fits like a tailor-made garment at every point. The jeans have exactly the right length, the blouse exactly the right neckline and everything is at the same time casual and feminine, without appearing vulgar or provocative.

And last but not least, for the perfect, noble French look, you shouldn't ignore the fabric of the garments! French women are normally not so happy with lower quality, and you can see that! If possible, natural materials such as cotton, linen, silk and wool are preferred!

How To Get The French Chic? Here Is How The French-Chic-Style Works

So for my French-Chic-Outfit I chose a sophisticated knit sweater in Bordeaux color paired with a high waisted mini skirt with zip which has a checked pattern in matching color of the sweater.

How To Get The French Chic? Here Is How The French-Chic-Style Works

In order not to show too much skin, I decided for my overknee boots. These boots are actually quite comfortable, because the heels are not very high.

How To Get The French Chic? Here Is How The French-Chic-Style Works

To give my outfit a French touch I added a typical French accessory. So I have decided for a black barett cap which flattered my face and the new short hairstyle.

At the end I rounded up my french-chic with a black faux lambskin tote bag, which has enough space to store another pair of flat shoes (in case the over-knees are a bit uncomfortable) ;-).

How To Get The French Chic? Here Is How The French-Chic-Style Works

Are you also in love with French chic? And what experiences have you had with the style of French chic looks? Please tell me in the comments!

If you have a question about the French chic or maybe any question about fashion, don’t hesitate to ask me in the commutes. I would love to give you some support with my knowledge I obtained during my work as a fashion stylist.

Have a lovely Sunday evening,


Get the Look: Knit Sweater, Skirt, Over-knee Boots, Barett, Tote Bag

Styling and pics by Look2 Ocean