Why I Always Feel That I Can't Leave Cape Town?

I love Cape Town so much that's why I always feel that I can't leave this place!

Why I Always Feel That I Can't Leave Cape Town?

My husband and me have been to Cape Town for the fourth time in a row. But after our last visit, during turn of the year from 2018 to 2019, was it extremely hard for us to leave. Because this piece of earth is such a wonderful place that enchanted us immediately. We stayed in the small town called Scarborough, which is the last stop, on the Cape Peninsular, before the National Park of the “Cape of Good Hope” starts.

Actually is hard to describe why I always feel like I can’t leave this place. All I know is my husband feels the same way. Ok, ok it’s true, we just have a special connection to Cape Town because we got married here.

But we also heard from many people that South Africa or even Cape Town is such a special place, that nobody can describe it. You don't have the right words to explain this magical place. You just have to visit and to feel it by yourself!

Why I Always Feel That I Can't Leave Cape Town?

You probably think that we really like to go back to the well-known place since we have been to Cape Town several times already. To be honest, you're a little right about that. Of course, we already know a lot here, but on the other hand there are still so many new beautiful places to discover. For example this time we have made a small trip into the interior of the country near Johannesburgs/Pretoria. The stories we have experienced I’m going to publish during the upcoming weeks here on my blog. The thing is, on our tour to Joburg we have even discovered some new places, where we would like to go during our next visit. Because South Africa is an pretty big and multi-faceted country. You won’t get tired of discovering all the magical places.

Why I Always Feel That I Can't Leave Cape Town?

These pics were taken at a place where we have visited several times. Muizenberg is a suburb of Cape Town at the False Bay. This hip and fun town, filled with people that’s practically fully dedicated to the art of riding waves, is blessed with a white sandy beach that stretches for as far as the eye can see, there’s no better way to get away from the city, bum on the beach, and get your surf on.

This beach is really friendly for surf-beginners due to the fact that the waves come in, in nice neat lines, the water is quite shallow even as you go away from shore, and there aren’t any big rocks or coral to deal with. 

Unfortunately, we have never been there in the evening. Except this time when we took the pics. I remember it was shortly before sunset which started around 19:00. How different the place looks at this time of day! If you visit Muizenberg in the early afternoon, when a lot of surfers are on the water, you will find a much more busy atmosphere. Although always with a nice summer surf feeling, it's still not as pleasant as it was at this time of day.

I think these pics reflect a little bit what I meant earlier, that you can't describe this place. You have to feel it. Even if it’s a tourist attraction you will find the right time to be alone and you'll be enchanted. So once again you will get the certain feeling that you don’t want to leave that place.

Why I Always Feel That I Can't Leave Cape Town?

In some of my upcoming post’s I would like to show you more places of CapeTown that you immediately blown away by these awesome locations at the edge of the world.

I hope I can transmit the feeling I have when I visited all this beautiful spots around Cape Town. This feeling accompanies me the whole year, even when I’m at home and have to work hard. These feelings keep me alive. They are memories that are deeply rooted in my heart. Because it's not just a trivial thing to discover, it’s a FEELING you'll never forget.

In this sense, I wish you all a blessed Sunday!!!

Loads of Love,


Why I Always Feel That I Can't Leave Cape Town?