Summer City Look Made Of Old And New Clothes And Why I Change My Mindset

You may have already noticed that I haven't published a new article for a while. It was because we were traveling and this time I had absolutely no desire to take my laptop with me. Because we wanted to spend and enjoy that trip as much as possible and without anything to do. Since our trip went to New York, which probably happens only once in a life time, I didn't want to spend the time with writing an article and unfortunately I couldn't prepare any post’s during the film production we worked on before.

But that's totally ok, because I started to run my blog without any obligations. So I decided to give up to earn money with my blog. Means, there is no more advertising, sponsoring and no obligations to write and publish a new post. Because for me it doesn't matter how many post's I write, how much I do or I didn't do. The only thing I know is, that all things I do, I do my best and that’s enough, I am enough.

As you obviously see I changed my mindset. Because I noticed that My self-esteem doesn’t depend on my performance. Like how much I publish, how many visitors I have on my blog or how much LIKES I have on Instagram and Co. I only keep this blog running for myself and for the one who are interested in my stories. I don’t want to achieve anything with it. It’s just a matter of the heart without any hidden motives. I have fun writing (although I'm not good ), I have fun taking pictures and I still love fashion. Even though I try to make fashion more sustainable and not always following the latest trends. Because there are more important things we can do.

I've arrived a point where I realize I need to change something. Because I’m the greatest project I will ever work on and not my blog.

So I try to invest more time in myself and my personal needs. Because investing energy and time in your dreams is totally ok. It's worth it…! 

That’s why I also invest more in my sustainable living even though I don’t communicate it so much on my blog. But that’s exactly the thing, we don’t need to live a perfectly sustainable life. The most important thing is to start, somewhere. Everyone has to go their own path step by step. Be open for changes and understand why. From now on I’m going to share more sustainable possibilities what we can do to safe our home, which I don’t want to loose. So stay curious…!!!

Back on Gran Canaria summer is in full swing and after a gouges time in New York and Germany I have collected so many new impressions and ideas. Cant wait to realize them step by step. 

How about you? Are you ready for the summer then check out my summer city look which I created mostly from pieces I already have in my wardrobe? 

I combined these Palazzo pants, which I already have quite a while, with a light blue wrapped top, jute wedges with rope straps and a round crossbody bag made of brown suede.


Somebody would say that she bought again something new from the low fashion and that’s really bad. Yes that’s right low fashion has a really bad impact on the environment. But you know, also the little things count, like don’t buy everything new, combine old pieces with new ones, buy more second hand or even repair clothes instead of throwing them away. 

“If many little people, in many little places, do many little things, they can also change the face of the earth.”

Let's talk about it, learn from each other, and not judge each other. It’s not a competition. 

So I hope you like my old and new summer city look as much as I do. This look is so easy to combine and comfortable to wear, just the right look for the summer season. 

If you would like to recreate this summer city look don’t hesitate, but first check if you already have some of these pieces in your wardrobe. Because Palazzo pants and wrapped tops can be found every year from spring to summer in the shops. So maybe you still have them from one of the the last seasons. 

For those, who might want to purchase a new piece, I have added the links of every item below. But please buy smart and carefully!!!

Whish you all a nice summer.

Enjoy and take care,


Recreate the summer city look: Pants, Top, Sandals, Bag

Pics and Styling by me Look2 Ocean