What Made Us The Way We Are?

Hello my dear ones,

Today I would like to write about a topic I have never written about before. Because due to a few incidents I had, I've been asking myself about one question for a while. I’m thinking about that question a lot. Apparently it’s a big issue for me and that’s why it’s a little bit difficult for me to write about. But I would really like to try because I can imagine that many of you have come to that point as well and asking the same question.

So the question is:

What made us the way we are?

What Made Us The Way We Are?

In my opinion, nowadays we are only measured by our performance we have to bring. We have become a real performer. Actually we have learned this since our childhood. Because performance is expected from kindergarten to school, university and career. Actually our whole life.

It’s hard to recognize this life pattern and then it’s even harder to get rid of it. Because we think we are only enough and be loved if we are good at what we do.

We haven’t looked to our purpose, but we made our school grades dependent on our future. All these for school subjects we've already long forgotten.

What Made Us The Way We Are?

When I was a teenager, I struggled with so much self-doubt, uncertainty, lack of knowledge, too little perception and self-confidence. And when you thought you've made it, then your working life commence and that's where the big hustle really get started.

But the older you get, the more you want to deal with yourself. You want to work on everything what went wrong in your life to get rid of your self-doubt and finally to start to love unconditionally. That you can finally catch up everything you've always wanted to do. Especially, to catch up as much as possible your self-love and love for others.

We want to catch up so urgently but we actually recognize that’s not so easy we thought. Because we don't learn these things overnight. It takes a long time to drop the old habits. It might even take half of your life. Like me, who now in her mid-forties, recognize what to change and what to work on to make my life better (I try to…).

What Made Us The Way We Are?

Even today, in 2019, I still see children not shown how to handle their things from an early age. Self-esteem own strength, health, nutrition, love and respect. All these things are so important and make us special. Not the salaries or school grades, but what is in us.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to learn about all my good things I have in me from early age, but today I have the opportunity to learn it with the help of therapists, life coaches and maybe some books.

Honestly, I think almost everyone could use some professional help to get their life better or even under control.

What Made Us The Way We Are?

Everybody want to be able to show humanity and to have the courage not to be perfect or to make mistakes. Because you just learn from your mistakes. There's nothing wrong about making mistakes.

Sorry for the negative words today but I'm so tired of it and it just had to get out.

Because I believe that we are made for much more than going to school, earning money and paying our taxes.

Am I alone with that opinion? I would love to hear your opinions, please leave a comment.



Analog pics by Daniell Bohnhof Photography

Text by Look2 Ocean