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Why I've Given Up With Diets And Trying To Eat Clean?

Today I would like to share why I've given up with diets and trying to eat clean? And if you are interested in clean eating I’ve 11 tips to start clean eating so that you are being healthier and more energized.

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I'm Old School! And You?

I Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas time with your love ones. Today I would like to share some pics, my husband Dani have taken some week ago at home and I would like to write of the simplicity of being old school.

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How To Spend The First Hour Of Your Day? – Make The Most Of That First Hour

This is my first hour of the day! I like to drink a hand-pressed espresso with a little bit of milk foam and cinnamon.What’s the first thing you do or you have in your mind at the first hour of your day?

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