I'm Old School! And You?

I’m old school,

I still love flowers and real dates.

I Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas time with your love ones. We had some amazing and peaceful Christmas days in Cape Town with good friends, good talks, good food (fresh caught crayfish from a local fisherman) and relaxed atmosphere. Simple but perfect!!! Just the way we love to celebrate Christmas!

Today I would like to share some pics that my husband Dani has taken some week ago at home and I would like to write about the simplicity of being old school.

I know sometimes it’s hard to put the phone down or leave the laptop by side, but I still , or I can say, I renewed stick in some old school ways of living here and there to make sure I’m calming down from this hectic world.

Take a step back and try to live in the past from time to time, is a perfect way to slow down your everyday life.

Here are some old school ways that have worked for me. So check them out, maybe you will find a way for you to keep the things simple but worthy to stick into it.

I'm Old School! And You?

1. Read a newspaper

From time to time I grab a newspaper, pick it up to read and take a good tasting coffee. It brings me back, and it’s interesting to read what’s going on in the world instead of watching it on the TV.

2. Read a real book

Take a printed version and put the kindle down. Walk into a store and smell the scent of new books. Trust me, I’m also for the kindle and being able to have all your books on one tablet whenever you want, just with the touch of a button, but I’m huge on reading books that I can flip through and touch the pages of. The printed pages of a book will never go out of style.


3. Put the phone and laptop down.

I know, it’s harder than it sounds. If you have a few minutes out of your busy day to chill out, try to spend it without your phone or laptop. Get fresh air. Go for a walk. Think about something. Just don’t bury your head into a phone or tablet. I think of how people previously lived without all the social media and I wonder how different it was, how different everyone must have been. I like it, it’s intriguing, so I try to incorporate it into my lifestyle as much as I can.

4. Handwrite things.

When was the last time you wrote something down on a piece of paper? I, personally, do this daily. I have a notebook with empty pages where I can write my thoughts down. I leave notes in our kitchen, signing it with I love you instead of texting it and I write down quotes, which I really like, with an old typewriter and hang them on the wall.

I'm Old School! And You?
I'm Old School! And You?

For me it's pretty scary to see that is almost impossible to live my life without phone and internet. That’s why I try to design my life a little more simple. Would you also like to try that? So, start here. Start now.

You can design a life of less, but, for sure, more. More of what you love, less of what you don’t. It’s a process, and we’re all in it together.

In this sense,

Happy New Year and do more what you love!


Pics by Daniell Bohnhof Photography

Styling by Look2 Ocean