Why I Love The Ocean?

Due to the new video I’m going to publish today, I would like to take the opportunity to explain you why I love the ocean so much and what I feel when I look to the ocean. It might helps you to understand why I called my blog “Look2ocean”.

I have always loved the ocean ever since I was little. Looking to the ocean, to the point where the sky blends with the horizon, falling in love with every change in color and watching the waves rolling in, is the most beautiful for me. I always feel as if I’m drinking a glass of ice cold water, but I am still thirsty. It’s satisfying, yet I want more. I love the feeling of wild freedom that the ocean brings.

I want more of this combination of peace, exuberance, deep sensual pleasure, relaxation, joy, awe, release, containment, love, humility and gratitude.

The vastness of the ocean makes me humble and let me feel that we are all equal before the might and power of the sea. No matter which skin color, background, language, or religion you belong to, we all have to swim to stay on the surface of the water. Therefore I give thanks every day to the ocean.

As the years pass and I take stock of my life I can say that I designed my life to spend as much time as possible at the ocean doing all sorts of things. That’s why I live together with my husband on the Island Gran Canaria. So we love to swim, snorkel and practicing windsurf and surf. I’m the happiest girl ever, because my husband feels the same. I even think, that due to the love to the ocean our worlds collide.

If you really love something or feel deeply connected it's hard to hurt it. That’s why I have a great desire to do all I can to protect the ocean and all the life that it holds.

In this sense, how do you spend time and what emotion do you feel while spending time at or in the ocean?

Please, leave a comment below and share with us your love to the ocean.

Last but not least I would like to say a big thank to Daniell Bohnhof for camera and Maximilian Stolarow from FarbFilmFabrik for the edit. Great Job!!!!

Hugs and enjoy the clip,