Quick And Easy Hairstyle Tutorial - Messy But Elegant Bun With A Scarf

Some of you already know that right now my hair is much more shorter and I can’t do this hairstyle anymore. I just needed a change and I must say, I’m really happy with my fresh short hair. Some pics coming soon. ;-)

But before I would like to show you one of my favorite ways to wear a scarf in the hair.

Well, in my messy bun, of course. Being able to put my hair up into a big messy bun is, for sure, one of the things I miss the most. However, making a messy bun work appropriate can be a little tricky, so that’s why I loved to wear a hair scarf in mine. It jazzes them up and make any messy bun look more chic and put together.

That’s why I create a step-by-step tutorial to show how I get my scarf into my bun because it took me a hot second to figure it out and I don’t want anyone else to struggle like I did!

The Products I used:

  1. Hair pins

  2. Hair ribbon

  3. Backcomb brush

  4. Hair scarf

How to make the messy but elegant bun with a scarf:

1. Step:

Make a ponytail with a strong hair ribbon, which is almost similar to your hair color.

2. Step:

Adjust your ponytail wherever you want. You can do a high, low or medium ponytail. For this hairstyle I like a medium ponytail. So I adjusted mine not too high and not too low.

3. Step

Backcomb your ponytail to get a messy and voluminous texture.

4. Step:

I make my messy bun as I wrap the ponytail around the hair ribbon and fix it with some hair pins. But feel free to do your messy bun as you are used to it.


5. Step

Once you pin it in place you can see how great looks already this simple hairstyle. But to jazz it up and to make your messy bun more chic and put together. Take a silky scarf with a nice pattern.


6. Step

Take your scarf and wrap it one or two times around the bun so that it cross over each other underneath the bun and make a knot to secure the scarf. I like to get the knot on the upper part of the bun as you can see on the pics. But don’t worry you can do the knot of the scarf where you want it to be. Laterally or under the bun is also ok. Depending of what you like.


7. Step

To finish the style pinch and pull the hair above the bun to create a little more action, volume and messiness.


If you like use a tiny bit of hairspray (a light hold so that my hair doesn’t get crunchy). I actually didn’t use hairspray but ta-da! You can see, I’m wearing a hair scarf in a messy bun.


Sharing is Caring! If you find this tutorial helpful, I’d be so grateful if you share it with your friends! And if you try this out for yourself, please tag me in your photos! I’d love to see it!



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Styling by Look2 Ocean