Urban Winter Outfit - And How To Make A DIY Cropped Top From An Old Hoodie

Crop tops have been one of my favorite winter pieces for a while now. They’re fun to wear and they’re so versatile. Contrary to some beliefs, I think anyone can rock a crop top. But these tiny pieces of fabric can be quite expensive, especially if you’re more focused on having a good quality and sustainable fashion.

But what if you have an oversize hoodie that doesn’t fit quite right or is a little bit out of fashion? This is the perfect DIY project for you. So why not take your old hoodie you don’t wear anymore and turn it into a trendy cropped hoodie?

Believe me, it’s much easier than you’d think! Because it is a no-sew project.

So if you would like to show off a new top without spending money? Below you will find my way to make a fashionable crop top from an old hoodie.

But first check out this urban winter outfit with my DIY cropped hoodie.

If you like it, you really have to try it!!!


Follow these simple steps to make your own hoodie crop top in a fashionable way.

1.) You Just need an oversized hoodie, pencil, ruler and a pair of scissors.

2.)The best way to figure out the right length of the cropped hoodie is to put it on and mark the right length. I decided to shorten my hoodie at my natural waistline.

3.)Then take it off and continue to mark the whole length.

4.) When you finish to mark the length cut the hoodie along that line and your new crop top is now ready.


With this outfit I went casual, as always. I have put on a pair of my fav high waisted skinny jeans and my combats boots. These boots are so comfy and warm too. Besides they give my winter outfit an edgy look and the plateau sole elongate my legs. On the upper part I paired my new DIY cropped hoodie with a woolen hat to make it more winter capable. Last but not least, to give my outfit the final touch I wanted to add a little splash of a different color, that’s why I chose this yellow blue checkered collage bag.


I’m super happy with this cozy and comfy urban winter look. For me is it the best way to style an winter outfit which is comfy, cozy and super cool. For sure, you will see me wearing this outfit a lot.


If you also like this urban winter outfit, take it as a winter outfit inspiration and style it on your won way. But please, try the DIY cropped hoodie instead of buying a new one. As a fashion stylist I’m always trying to recycle clothes. Because when I have to create some stylings for movie or advertising productions I always try to mix and match vintage items with new clothe. I think this creates an authentic look.

Stay tuned for more blog posts like this.

Have a nice day


Get the look: hoodie, high waisted skinny jeans, combats boots, collage bag, woolen hat

Pics and styling by Look2 Ocean