How To Style Your Party Outfit For The Festive Season?

Christmas is around the corner, that means it’s time to suit up our Christmas party outfits.

There are different ways to celebrate the festive season, but wether you are for a Christmas party or just celebrating New Year’s Eve with your friends in a bar, what you wear on this night is important and it should let you feel comfortable but chic. 


If you ask me, which style you should wear, doesn’t matter. I think it’s mostly about how to wear your outfit then what you wear. Just knowing what fits you and which kind of style let feel you comfortable, you have already won half the battle. If you like to wear something sparkly and how to style a sequin piece without feeling too much up style, is always good to know to create a comfy Christmas party outfit.


Choosing the perfect Christmas party outfit can be quite tricky and challenging. Because you don’t want to look too overdressed or even under-dressed. 

So be inspired for the festive season with my casual but chic festive outfit.


It’s always nice to pick out one stand-out item. For me a little glitz and glam is a must have and can be incorporated in various different ways.

I usually relax around the house on Christmas day and enjoying the feast indoor. But this year we are spending our Christmas days in Cape Town. That’s why I chose a comfortable but chic outfit with a sparkly sequin dress, a cozy woolen cardigan and my super cool combats boots. I always like to mix and match items with different styles. Besides I’m not the type being too much up dressed. That’s why I paired the cozy cardigan, and the cool combats boots with the sequin dress, to give my outfit an edgy look.


What do you think about my cozy but chic Christmas party outfit? Would you wear a sequin dress like this? Tell me how you would incorporate a sequin item for Christmas. Leave a comment below.

Wish you all a wonderful and peaceful Merry Christmas!!!

Loads of Love,


Get the Christmas party outfit: Sequin dress, Cardigan, Combats boots

Styling and pics by Look2 ocean