How To “Green” Your Sun Care Routine?

It’s almost summer and of course it’s time to start the beach season, what I already did last week. That’s why I prepared a new sun care post about how to “green” your sun care routine.

If you are drawn to simple organic face and body sun care routine and looking for new products to “green” your sun care routine, these two cosmetice-products are my favorites right now, even not only when it come to sun care. I don’t want to say sun protection, because these products doesn’t have SPF. But due to the plant’s ingredients, the products provide healing features and nourishe the skin during and after the sunbath. 

The “Storytellers Fynbos Apothecary” produces toxin-free ointments, lotions, hydrofoils, bath salts and tinctures. All of them are blended and infused with plants from the area of the Cederberg valley near Clanwilliam (Cape Town, Western Cape). I brought one ointment and one cream from our little honeymoon trip in the amazing Cederbergs.


How To “Green” Your Sun Care Routine?


I Love the ointments and moisturizers of “The Storytellers” and I would say, the ointments are the soul of its organic products. These simple infusions of healing plants into natural oils are what their are all about. They work primarily with raw beeswax, coconut oil and olive oil, into which they infuses plant material that is sustained selected from the wilds of the Cederbergs or cultivated in their own garden. 


How To “Green” Your Sun Care Routine?
How To “Green” Your Sun Care Routine?


They have fantastic healing qualities. But I also need to restore moisture to my skin, and the only way is to ass water. They do so in the form of hydrosols. Hydrofoils are highly concentrated herbal waters, that are produces as a by-products of their essential oil distillation process. All of the moistuireser are clean and safe to apply on face and body, on babies and sensitive skin with burns and open wounds.

Available in plastic free glas jars and tins with wooden bamboo detailing. 


The small ointment is named  with “Forgive & Forget”. It contains a sufficient amount of Agtdaegeneesbos (Healer Bush) in addition to Cocos oil, beeswax and olive oil. This plant is the ultimate healer for damaged skin, such as sunburn, scratches, rashes and scars. It promotes the rebuilding of healthy skin. The cream also contains the plant “Sand Olive”, which is used for internal and external use to relieve fever, headache, chest tightness and even abdominal pain. A truly tonic plant.


The bigger cream is called “Rooibos Sun Protection”. It is a day cream for natural sun protection. A mixture of olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax and baobab oil is enriched with green rooibos, which is full of protective anti-oxidants and thus protects and supports the connective tissue. It even has UV-protecting qualities. Then the Cancer-Bush plant, which offers intelligent support for a wide range of conditions, such as acute or chronic inflammation, allergic reactions, infections, muscle aches, and even a form of sun protection. In addition there is lemongrass. Lemongrass helps is astringent, toning, uplifting and antibacterial. Stimulates circulation and is a natural disinfectant and deodorant.


How To “Green” Your Sun Care Routine?


You see what great qualities these two creams have and that’s why there are so many more ways to use them every day (not only for sun care). No wonder, these two have become my favorite skincare products. Because, it’s the first and only oily moisturizer that I can apply every day without getting pimples. Here are some of my top tips and tricks to use the two products not only as sun care!


10 different ways to use these two Storrytellers products:

  1. Help soothe dry, sensitive skin
  2. Moisturize delicate skin
  3. Apply to your hands and dry areas of feet before bed
  4. Rub into split ends, tame frizz and flyaways
  5. Help smooth rough elbows
  6. Apply to dry little knees after a day of play
  7. Pat onto cheekbones for instant highlight
  8. Help smooth dry cuticles
  9. Apply to sun burned skin
  10. Apply on the damaged lips


How To “Green” Your Sun Care Routine?
How To “Green” Your Sun Care Routine?


Well, I think that’s enough to convince you.

Sending loads of sunny kisses from Gran Canaria.


Have a wonderful weekend,



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