What I Need For My Very Necessary Summer-Hair-Rehab?

Oh Oh, I think it’s time again to jump into some serious summer-hair-rehab.

My hair is feeling dry, I have frizzy ends and my cool blonde going brassy. As you can see on the pic below. All of those hours in the sun, wind and salt water have done plenty of damage. 

That’s why I really need a summer-hair-rehab to nourish my hair. But which haircare product is the right one for my hair? That’s always the big question we ask ourselves. 

Luckily, at this time I didn’t have to ask myself, because I had the opportunity to try the brand new Redken Products for my summer-hair-rehab and due to these little goodies I finaly got back to a healthier condition of my hair.


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Ta daaa…!!!

These are my new best friends. The professional haircare products of Redken. Called “All Soft Mega”.


What I Need For My Very Necessary Summer-Hair-Rehab?


I used the shampoo, conditioner and the new leave-in product of Redken. They play perfectly together. Especially if you have fine hair like me and you don’t like or don’t have time for a good a blow dry after every washing.


What I Need For My Very Necessary Summer-Hair-Rehab?


The “All Soft Mega Shampoo” contains a nourishing formula that softens and adds hydration to my severely dry and coarse hair.

Washing my hair with this shampoo helps immediately to moisture loss and helps keep severely dry hair hydrated and soft.

Infused with a nourishing mix of sacha inchi extract, aloe vera gel, and cactus extract, and the exclusive Protein Complex of Redken, which treats the hair from the root to the core to the tip.


What I Need For My Very Necessary Summer-Hair-Rehab?


Usually in the winter time I don’t use so much conditioner. Because I don’t like it, when my hair is too soft, fluffy and has no hold. But right now conditioning is a major part of my hair routine. It’s especially really helpful for those windy and hot sunny days at the beach. After some days like this my hair doesn’t look like a mermaid on the beach, with flowy mermaidy-waves. It’s dry, snarled and full of saltwater like an almost dreadlocked mess. Then it’s time to use the conditioner. But a little tip, I always use it as first step, before washing with the shampoo (soon I will show you why). 


What I Need For My Very Necessary Summer-Hair-Rehab?


It’s funny. Most of the time after I surf, I wash all the saltwater out of my hair only to put it back in with sea salt texture spray. But you can’t beat real ocean water in your hair! It’s too aggressive.

To smooth my ends, I always use my fave one, the “All Soft Mega HydraMelt”. It’s a leave-in product like a lotion for the hair. It moisturized but not weighted down. The lightweight formula provides increased softness, manageability, control and shine.

It’s just the right product for my fine hair. Because it gives my hair a perfect control and wonderful shine without feeling or looking oily. 

My fine hair normally wilts if it even looks at a mask, but this product was light enough to condition without flattening it completely.


What I Need For My Very Necessary Summer-Hair-Rehab?


I took these photos 2 or 3 weeks ago before I started my summer-hair-rehab. From chlorine and saltwater to intense sun, summer can take its toll on your hair. Find out how to reverse the damage with these proven solutions for silky-soft hair!

I must say I’m really happy with the result. My hair looks so healthy and shiny right now. Next time I will show you step by step my recent “Wash&Go” hair routine. Because in this high temperatures I don’t like to use the hair dryer. So my current routine is completely air-dried. 


What I Need For My Very Necessary Summer-Hair-Rehab?


So stay tuned and if you also  like to try this products you can get these at the FRDK Hair Salon in Playa del Ingles as well.

Please share the experience you did with the Products. Always happy to here and to share with you. 


Thanks for passing by.




PS.: Big thanks to FRDK for the support and for the opportunity to try out this gorgeous production of Redken



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