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How To Make Your Own Reusable Non-Plastic Produce Bags?

Today I’m going to show you how to make you own reusable non-plastic produce bags. No worries, you don't need excellent sewing skills. Only some basic skills are required for this DIY project. Check it out, if you also like to reduce your plastic consumption.

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My Last Summer Outfit And How To Extend The Life Cycle Of Our Garments?

As I already mention, I don’t want to purchase new clothes from fast fashion brands any more. So this is my last outfit, with a newly bought shorts. Read on if you like to know how I’m going to avoid new purchases and what can we do to extant the life circle of our garments.

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How I Started Into A More Sustainable Life And Where To Buy Eco-Friendly On Gran Canaria?

If you like to know more about why and how I started to change my every day habits in more sustainable and eco-friendly ones. Read my little story.

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