Why "Doing Nothing" Helps To Improve Our Mental Health?

Our working life speeded up to the maximum, weekends full of appointments and a society in which the appearance seems to count more than how you are inside.

Appointments after appointments. Always a deadlines in the back. In between the sound of your mobile phone reminds of the private duties. Short messages, e-mails, social networks, where everybody show up their travels and busy lifestyles, compete in marathons, work out, cook healthy food, have beauty treatments…etc. So one stimulus chases the next. The fact is that today's life hardly has any breaks and it can effect our mental health.


But we can do some things to avoid that kind of stress. We don't have to do everything the world has to offer and from time to time we should go for more leisure. Because a day of ”doing nothing” is incredibly helpful for our psyche. Some brain scientist even say that “doing nothing” inspires thoughts and creates space for new inspiration.

I know, what you are thinking right now (I thought the same way).

Quiet, calmness, relaxing, tranquility, clear your head, no thinking or doing anything, all these things seem to me difficult and challenging. It’s too hard and uncomfortable for me. I think I don’t wanna do this.

But I tell you, actually it's pretty easy!! Just switch off your mobile phone, lean back and renounce your quick life for a while.

Honestly, If you are down, tiered, sad and unmotivated and you are thinking that you just need a break, feel into yourself. Your body gives you a sign.


For me “doing nothin” means to me not sitting there and really doing nothing. In my opinion it’s totally ok when you are doing some minor, insignificant or even trivial things. It isn’t always necessary to do something meaningful and smart. You should take the pressure off you and take your time to come down. If it’s impossible for you “doing nothing”, try to do nothing special. You can allow yourself to do things like read a book, watch a movie, eat some soul food (ice cream, chocolate), take a nap after lunch, go to the beach and take a sunbath. Vitamin D helps you to lighten up your mood. For me the best method is reading a book and dip into its story. A big cup of milk coffee, eating some ice cream, cookies or chocolate.


Is "doing nothing" just lost time?

Absolut not!!!! Because studies show that the soul can unwind, you are relaxed and having time for yourself have a positive effect on blood pressure and the immune system. We are more efficient after rest periods, so this time is not effectively lost, but extremely useful. It also shows that after rest periods our creativity increases and we better come up with good new ideas.


Well, yesterday was MY day of “doing nothing”. That’s why I didn’t come up with a new post. I slept long, and the first thing I did after getting up was taking a big cup of milk coffee. Still in pajama lingered around and read some pages of my book, which I started to read half a year ago. Then me and my husband took the dogs and we made a long walk. It was so good having a walk with our dog without having nothing to do afterwards. We could simply enjoy and drift away as we walked along the coast. Even our dog was effected by our relaxed and calm attitude. She seemed so happy and cheerful. Back home we had a long late breakfast with delicious food. After breakfast I grabbed my book again and searched for a shady place in the garden. And then it went more or less like this...reading, sleeping, reading, little nap again, some snacks, reading again…and so on. In the evening I went to the beach to sit down a little while and enjoy the sunset. Just me, sitting and looking to the ocean. I think this is a kind of meditation for me. It focus and helps me to think about the things want I really want to do. Gives me new inspirations and ideas how to realize them.


What would you do if you have time? Would you rather do something meaningful or could you stretch out your legs to do nothing or just doing some simple things?

Please take some time and listen inside yourself to know what you really need to come down and to feel better. Remember, it’s only for you and nobody else. So you have to decide what to do. And if it’s “doing nothing” you are more than welcome to share how it was for you.

Nobody will judge you. Just find the way what make you feel better and enjoy what you like!

By the way, do you like my super cozy evening at the beach summer look? I paired a knitted top made of cool cotton with my light blue linen shorts and my Birkenstock's, which are super old. This look is so comfy and the right outfit for a walk at the beach or even to sit and watch the sunset on the beach. It’s nothing special but I added a bracelet and necklace with seashells details, which give the beach look the certain touch.

Hope you already had a great start into a new week.



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